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The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online catalog of digital images documenting the work of artists who are not affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City. Each submission is reviewed by our curatorial staff; in order to be considered for the registry, one must submit work digitally via this website.

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Brooklyn NY US
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Master of Fine Art, Painting
Bard College, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, NY

Bachelor of Fine Art
Academic portion completed as part-time studies at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada and New School for Social Research, NY

Diploma of Fine Art
Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada



2015, "Bethenny", Diorama, Oslo, Norway (Solo exhibition)

2015, "Terrapin", Svetlana, New York, NY
Curated by Magnus Schaefer. (Group exhibition with Sergej Jensen, Roman Schramm, Trevor Shimizu, and Heji Shin)

2013, "The Politics of Friendship", Studiolo, Zurich, Switzerland 
In collaboration with Anicka Yi, Carissa Rodriguez, Jordan Lord

2013, "Body Style", Bull and Ram, New York, NY
Curated by Alisa Baremboym. (Group Exhibition with Tova Carlin, Devon Costello, Katherine Hubbard, Tatiana Kronberg, Lee Maida, and Alina Tenser)

2012, "Le fond de l’air effraie", Biennale de Belleville, Paris, France
Curated by Claire Moulène, and a proposition by Camille Henrot and Lou Svahn. (Group exhibition with Michael Ashkin, David Dixon, Maria Loboda, Jerome Marshak, Winston McCarthy, Kirsten Mosher, and Douglas Ross)

2011, “Best of 2011”, Soloway, New York, NY (Group Exhibition with Ryan Harden Brown, Bjorn Copeland, Dustin Hodges, David Horvitz, Katie Hubbard, Alisha Kerlin, Dani Levinthal, Pam Lins, Charles Mayton, Keith McCulloch, Ohad Meromi, Sophy Naess, and Erica Svec)

2011, “Wild Combinations”, Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco, CA (Group Exhibition with Todd Bura, Ernesto Burgos, Bryson Gill, Alex Hubbard, and Rachel Kaye)

2010, “Sculpture Sabbath”, a project by Jory Rabinowitz, curated by Bridget Donahue, Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, NY (Group Exhibition with David Berezin, Timothy Eastman, Daniel Feinberg, Riley Hooker, Ryan Kitson, Josh Kline, Tatiana Kronberg, Denise Kupferschmidt, Lionel Maunz, Heather Rowe, Mary Simpson, Kristof Wickman and a Performance by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy)

2008, “Vlatka Horvat, Marlo Pascual, Lise Soskolne”, White Columns, New York, NY (Solo projects exhibited as a group)

2001, “This is The Modern World”, Modern Culture, New York, NY (Group Exhibition with Art Club 2000, Dana Bell, Liz Bougatsos, John Cohen, Daze, Dorothy Gambrell, Godlis, Michael Halsband, Rosalie Knox, Tracey Moffatt, Billy Name, Mike Nogami & Masami Takahashi, Yoshua Okon, Ricky Powell, Jamel Shabazz, Masayoshi Sukita, and Lyndal Walker)

2001, “Roberta Bailey, Tracy Nakayama, Lise Soskolne”, Modern Culture, New York, NY (Group Exhibition)

2001, “Lise Soskolne, Paintings”, Modern Culture, New York, NY (Solo exhibition)

1999, “Lise Soskolne, Project Space 2”, Artists Space, New York, NY (Solo exhibition)

1997, “Lise Soskolne/Yunhee Min”, Or Gallery, Vancouver, Canada (Concurrent solo exhibitions)

1996, “Parallel Lines”, Rodney Graham Studio, Vancouver, Canada (Solo exhibition)

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