Artist Registry

The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online platform for emerging and under-recognized artists to share images and information about their respective practices. The Registry seeks to create a context for artists who have yet to benefit from wider critical, curatorial or commercial support. To be eligible, artists cannot be affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City.

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Jo Chate
London, GB

Vy Trinh
Ho Chi Minh City, VN

Ian Etter
Dallas, TX US

Bean Gilsdorf
Portland, OR US

Emile Mausner
Orlando, FL US

Katherine Weir
Brooklyn, NY US

Dahlia Bloomstone
Brooklyn, NY US

Yvette Smith
Chicago, IL US

Eli Neuman-Hammond
Providence, RI US

Anne Beresford
Florence, MA US

Robbie Rogers
New York, NY US

Jacquelyn Strycker
Brooklyn, NY US

Michael Coughlan
Los Angeles, CA US

Woojae Kim
Vancouver, BC, CA

Blanka Amezkua
Bronx, NY US

Noah Greene
Eugene, OR US

Joseph Brock
Brooklyn, NY US

David Schafer
Los Angeles, CA US

Ana Gzirishvili
Tbilisi, GE

Matthew Dugan
New York, NY US

Carol Bruns
Brooklyn, NY US

Susanna Starr
New York, NY US

Kenneth Johnson
Minneapolis , MN US

Julia Goldman
Long Island City, NY US

Amah Dongo
Davis, CA US

Patrick Lundberg
Auckland , NZ

Lizzie Scott
Brooklyn, NY US

Lisa mccutcheon
san anselmo, CA US

Maria Britton
Carrboro, NC US

Deborah Wing-Sproul
Portland, ME US

Rachel Yanku
Brooklyn, NY US

Sophy Naess
Queens, NY US

Anthea Behm
Gainesville, FL US

Allison Jae Evans

Eli Thorne
Kingston, NY US

Michelle Cho
New York, NY US

Fukuko Harris
New York, NY US

Aviv Benn
London, US

John (Jack) Ramsdale
Philadelphia, PA US

Amanda Barker
Brooklyn, NY US

Haley Parsa
Ridgewood, NY US

Eleanor Conover
Carlisle, PA US

sally egbert
Amagansett, NY US

Kelly Boehmer
Savannah, GA US

Liz Linden
Brooklyn, NY US

Julia Taszycka
Brooklyn, NY US

Sam Wenc
Brooklyn, NY US

Ann Kim
New York, NY US