Curated Artist Registry

The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online catalog of digital images documenting the work of artists who are not affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City. Each submission is reviewed by our curatorial staff; in order to be considered for the registry, one must submit work digitally via this website.

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2017 White Columns "Full House" curated by Elizaveta Shneyderman

2016 White Columns Curated Artist Registry 

2015 Guest Artist (March)


2014 "Boston Does Boston 7", organized by Julia Hechtman, PROOF GALLERY, Boston, MA

2011 "NEXT 2011 Chicago"(with 1K PROJECT SPACE), Chicago, IL

2011 "Swap Meet", curated by Emily Isenberg, MILLS GALLERY, BOSTON CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Boston, MA

2011 "The Body: Visual AIDS -- Postcards From the Edge", New York, NY 

2010 "Kunstvlaai 2010", (with 1K PROJECT SPACE), Amsterdam, Netherlands

2010 "Anything But Paper Prayers", Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston

2009 "Strange Loops", curated by Jose Luis Blondet, MILLS GALLERY, BOSTON CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Boston, MA

2009 "Works On Paper", curated by Stephanie Theodore, 1K PROJECT SPACE, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2009 "Others Among Others", LAMONTAGNE GALLERY, Boston, MA

1995 "Andrea Zittel : Selected Sleeping Arrangements [The A-Z Bed Book]" Andrea Zittel and Tatyana Gubash, Publisher: University of Dundee, Scotland

1995 "Open Your Heart", Benefit Auction for the AIDS Resource Center, CRISTINEROSE GALLERY, New York, NY (Catalogue)

1995 "Pleasant Pebble", curated by Janice Krasnow and Mary Jones, THE WORK SPACE, New York, NY

1994 "Desire" VISIONAIRE MAGAZINE, Issue #12/CHARLES COWLES GALLERY, Benefit for DIFFA, New York, NY (Catalogue)

1994 "Update '94" WHITE COLUMNS, New York, NY (Catalogue)

1994 "Al Dente", curated by Randy Wray, CAREN GOLDEN GALLERY, New York, NY 1994 "White Room" WHITE COLUMNS, New York, NY

1993 "Female Body Parts: From Geography to Fetish", LONGWOOD GALLERY, BRONX COUNCIL ON THE ARTS, Curated by Betti-Sue Hertz Bronx, NY (Catalogue)

1993 "Some Artists I've Been Thinking About..." ANDREA ROSEN GALLERY, New York, NY

1992 "The Pink Heaven Series", YYZ, Toronto, Canada

1992 "The Anti-Masculine...", curated by Bill Arning, KIM LIGHT GALLERY, Los Angeles, CA

1992 "Salon Show", curated by Holly Block, ART IN GENERAL, New York, NY (Catalogue)

1992 "Contemporary Icons: from the Sublime to the Fetishistic", curated by Susan Edwards, HUNTER COLLEGE ART GALLERIES, New York, NY (Catalogue)

1992 "Tattoo Collection", ANDREA ROSEN GALLERY, New York, NY

1992 "Slow Art: Painting in New York Now", curated by Alanna Heiss, MoMA PS1 MUSEUM, Long Island City, NY



Pérez Art Museum Miami 



"All under one roof", Cate McQuaid, THE BOSTON GLOBE, February, 2014

"Challenging viewers to jump through 'Loops'", Cate McQuaid, THE BOSTON GLOBE, December, 2009

"Grappling with Feminism and Femininity", Vivien Raynor, THE NEW YORK TIMES, March, 1993

"30 Artists Take Aim at Masculinity", Susan Kandel, LOS ANGELES TIMES, December 1992

"Slow Art at P.S.1", Brooks Adams, ART IN AMERICA, October, 1992

"The Power of Slow Art", Amei Wallach, NEWSDAY, June 1992

"From New York Painters, Work That Takes Time", Roberta Smith, THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 1992




Summer Painting Program in Urbino, SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS, Urbino, Italy

B.F.A. UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY, Calgary, Alberta Canada



Paula Rhodes Memorial Scholarship, SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS, New York, NY

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