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The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online platform for emerging and under-recognized artists to share images and information about their respective practices. The Registry seeks to create a context for artists who have yet to benefit from wider critical, curatorial or commercial support. To be eligible, artists cannot be affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City.

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New York NY US
Updated: 2021-06-21 12:12:05



Fukuko Harris

Artist statement

Colors, shapes, and the idea of taking a ride into compositional spaces are the things that drive my creation of mixed-media paintings, sculptures and works on paper.

Generally non-representational, my works convey something I have witnessed, sensed or otherwise experienced in my lifetime. I might start from an idea or image of a structure, conceptual or physical, or sometimes from a mood. I begin by working intuitively with a few colors in mind, and then explore compositional or structural possibilities with more forms and colors, or by various arrangements of my preferred marks. Sometimes it's simply the accumulation of materials that leads me along.

In my paintings and works on paper, I don't start with plans or ideas of what they will look like in the end. My goal is to be able to take a ride into the unknown space. It does not always happen, but when it does, unexpected and accidental things occur along the way, which might leave my artworks looking curious, inexplicable or awkward.

I prefer organic forms and imperfect lines. I often choose bright and vivid colors along with monotones and various kinds of marks. I like to employ pattern-like elements in my mark making. My lines vary from wide to fine, or from gestural to quite controlled, and they always have a manual aspect. When my marks are gestural, the gestures are calm. When they're controlled, they’re not sharply delineated. I also frequently use collage applications in my smaller paintings on canvas, or in my works on paper. For these, I like to incorporate pieces of patterned textiles, repurposed canvas or paper cutouts. Such pieces might break the bounds of the picture plane or provide an irregular shape to the overall surface. Often these works become wall sculptures.

In my sculptures, I am still driven by color and shape, but it's predominantly the extra dimension that unites these elements. I make my own objects or use found ones, and materials might include clay, plaster, paper, wire, fabric, yarn, wood or various recyclables. I then cut, paint or modify them. The materials are often small, and at times I like to work on these pieces in relation to each other. I build shapes upon shapes and materials upon materials until the objects seem to attain their own identity in the sculpture. As in my paintings and other works, the colors are often very bright. 

I create paintings and 3D works simultaneously. I feel that they feed, inspire and influence each other. Looking for new media and approaches keeps my artwork evolving.