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The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online platform for emerging and under-recognized artists to share images and information about their respective practices. The Registry seeks to create a context for artists who have yet to benefit from wider critical, curatorial or commercial support. To be eligible, artists cannot be affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City.

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Gregory Kaplowitz
San Francisco CA US
Updated: 2021-10-18 18:04:30


My art practice is guided by these four primary interests: (1) the relationship between cameraless photography and abstract painting, (2) the history of abstraction and its relationship to ritual and spiritual practices, (3) the egregore, a concept from several esoteric traditions, of a thoughtform born out of a group’s collective subconscious that produces an autonomous entity, such as a mythological god or a religious deity, but this can also relate to more contemporary ideas like subcultures, cultural codes, and memes, and (4) an exploration of the question: can a queer gaze be embedded into a non-objective image, or conversely, can an abstract image be inherently queer?

Through the process of this exploration, I use cyanotype emulsion as a photoreactive dye on various textiles. These now light sensitive textiles are then placed within an environment to interact with its surroundings. Then over many hours, they are left to slowly expose an image under the shifting ambient sunlight to create a unique distillation of that particular time and place.

Most recently, I have been making large cyanotype photograms of windows by pinning and draping the cyanotype treated textiles over the windows of places that I inhabit: places I sleep in, create in, meditate in, and live in. These resulting window impressions create a record of my presence while also creating a visual representation of the window itself – a liminal membrane of where an interior space brushes up against the outside world.

Some of the resulting works are then presented as tapestries, banners, or flags. While others are then further clothed, skinned, or shrouded with additional layers of manipulated textiles into the form of stretched and wrapped layered paintings. The end result are works that blur between objects and images that merge the elements of photography, painting, textile collage, and sculpture.