I address variations on tragedy, romanticism, and ambivalence throughout my work. I hope to propel the viewer into a claustrophobic and unstable world through a perspective that shimmies between representation and abstraction. The situations can be familiar, even as banal as those one might glance while passing in a car, but certainly not intimate. The landscapes in the paintings reference idealistic visions of the sublime, but become less known and defined than that genre might imply. The locations might be anywhere or anything: tropical, arctic, lunar, or mundane. Yet, despite the curiosity this variety implies, stifling emptiness pervades each unraveling environment in the work. The medley of imagery presented eliminates the need to identify the actual place these are not paintings that seek to portray a specific view or experience. They address the ubiquity of imagery we associate with the genre of landscape, nullifying a sense of particularity. The paintings become their own locations.