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Somerville MA US
Updated: 2021-08-04 16:07:26


Please see link below for artist interview for recent solo show, "Painting on Paintings", 

at Carroll and Sons Gallery:


“The Wanda Landowska Series" (like the preceding "Scott Heron Series”) continues the long trajectory of my work. In the Boston Globe over ten years ago, Cate McQuaid reviewed, “Don’t Climb The Pyramids”, a show of my work at the Allston Skirt Gallery. McQuaid wrote: 

“Anything is material for Dash: She adds vivid layers to a Jackson Pollock-style painting, recycling and re-creating, then drapes it in old silk pajamas (another callback to the video). There’s a sense of the hoarder to her work, but one with a strong aesthetic and hopeful sentiment: the conviction that it all has meaning, if you sift through it and rearrange it enough…”

Born in  New York City, I graduated from Antioch College and next studied painting and color theory with Ellen Banks at the Museum School in Boston, where I was also the teaching assistant to Banks. After receiving an MFA in painting at Bennington College, I taught at The New England Conservatory of Music, Brandeis University and the Boston Museum School, while I also designed sets for theatre, contemporary music and dance and exhibited my work in Boston, New York, the West Coast and Europe.

Randi Hopkins, Director of Visual Arts at the Boston Center for the Arts and previously co-director of the Allston Skirt Gallery, which represented my work for over a decade, describes my recent paintings this way:

“This new body of work ties into the arc of what Dash makes and the kinds of things she's interested in, in a larger sense.  The domestic environment, kitchen still-lifes, interiors, stage sets, even the clothes-line video and broken ceramics - and the little collaged paintings with photos - all seem to point to Dash's wide range of thinking about personal sorts of arrangements, in the context of larger aesthetic questions of abstraction and composition, but also in terms of priorities involving which subject matter matters."

Most recently, I have exhibited at Room83Spring, How’s Howard, Geoffrey Young and Carroll and Sons. In 2017, my work was included in Yoko Ono’s collaborative installation, Peace is Power, at The Museum of Modern Art.