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The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online catalog of digital images documenting the work of artists who are not affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City. Each submission is reviewed by our curatorial staff; in order to be considered for the registry, one must submit work digitally via this website.

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Brooklyn NY US
Updated: 2017-11-21 21:37:14


Sabrina Bockler (1987) New York based artist.


My approach to portraiture is to depict my subjects in a state of emancipation. By not portraying women in the traditional sense of archetypal femininity, my paintings communicate an honest emotional representation of women. Through nuanced expressions I explore varying states of apathy, boredom, reflection, or sadness, liberating the subjects from the expectation to perform for or seduce the audience. The subjects whom I paint do not care if you look at them, thus keeping the viewer at a distance and not inviting them to enter the world I have created for my figures.


Studying young women and men in domestic interiors and in urban park settings draws attention to the relationship shared bewteen sitter, location, artist and viewer. The environments around the figures are complicated and painted in the same manner as the subjects. The space in which they inhabit is created for them, inspired by their sitting. There is no posing involved; I aim to capture the break in self awareness when the subject reveals a truer sense of depth and feeling.


While surrealistic in rendering, my paintings retain the subjects’ identity. They command a stillness amidst the overly stimulated setting they occupy. There appears to be more life around the figure than in them. All of the energy is concentrated in the color, and is distributed with a rhythmic intent to over stimulate the gaze while the subject controls the tone. My paintings feel as if they are vibrating, saturated with detail and color.

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