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The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online catalog of digital images documenting the work of artists who are not affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City. Each submission is reviewed by our curatorial staff; in order to be considered for the registry, one must submit work digitally via this website.

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Elizabeth P Johnson
Easton PA US
Updated: 2017-06-20 08:08:59


Artist's Statement 2016

     My oil paintings join unrelated subjects in a groundless, airy imaginary environment. I call this work "anti-story" because it thwarts the urge to make sense of the world through narrative. I depict parts of photographs as if they occupy space, and distort or wrap images on planes like wallpaper, sometimes using digital manipulation as a tool and hand-built paper models. Fragmenting and mixing images separates them temporarily from meaning, diminishing but not erasing its power. I enjoy looking at combinations of images that have no obvious reason for appearing together, those with few preexisting, well-worn associations, and exploring the lack of connection or mystery. Currently, I paint on small surfaces and finish a painting in a two or three sessions, working quickly in order to train myself to let the odd combinations happen. Working in a dream-like space challenges the idea of causality, and encourages viewers to devise their own stories: the desire to make sense of chaos is framed and resolved by the unexpected.

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