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The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online catalog of digital images documenting the work of artists who are not affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City. Each submission is reviewed by our curatorial staff; in order to be considered for the registry, one must submit work digitally via this website.

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Born in Chicago, USA.

Lives and works in London.




Hunter College of The City of New York.   MFA. Painting, Combined Media: Film, Video, Music Installation.  1996

Washington University in St. Louis.   BFA.  Sculpture and Painting.  1988

Parson’s School of Design.  Architectural Drafting.  1990

Art Institute of Chicago.  Early College Program: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking.  1982 – 1984.



Selected Solo Exhibitions



2016                  London, Chapel, House of St. Barnabas.  Sound                                        Installation  'Hey Jude'

2016                  London, House of St. Barnabas.  The Story of Water

2015                  Jersey, CCA Galleries International. Eclectic Cuts:                                    Portraits

2014                  Paris, Cortex Athletico,  Coke Tragedy

2014                  ArtGeneve Solo Project with Cortex Athletico, Paris.

2013                  Athens, Bernier-Eliades Gallery, Conspiracy Theory

2013                  London, Faggionato Fine Art, America

2012                  Geneva, Centre D’Art Contemporain, Edy Ferguson

2012                  Athens, Benaki Museum, Selected Works 1993 – Present

2008                  Vienna, Salon Am Hof, Recent Paintings

2007                   New York, Sensei Gallery, Post Punk Glam Rock

2002                   New York, Suite 106 Gallery, Rockumental 

1998                   Nantes, Nantes Art Festival, Fin de Siècle


Selected Group Exhibitions


2015                  Torun, Centre of Contemporary Art, Znaki Czasu.  Arena,                            curated by Katerina Gregos. 

2015                  London, Art15 London, CCA Galleries, Print Exhibition. 

2015                  London, Origianl Print Fair.  Royal Academy, London.                                April 23 – 26.

2015                  Rome, Stefania Marscetti Studio.  She Devil 7, Video                                Festival, March.

2015                  London, Christies, Multiplied, Contemporary Art in                                      Editions Fair Oct.16 – 18

2015                  London, England.  Art 2015.  Art Fair, featured artist.

2015                  London, England.  London Print Fair at the Royal                                      Academy, April.

2015                  Mykonos, Greece.  Mykonos Biennale.  Antidote.

2012                  Turkey, 2nd Biennale of Mardin, Double Take

2012                  Athens, Wiener Art Foundation, Parnassos

2012                  Athens, Onassis Cultural Centre, Faces

2011                  Athens, Remap, Forgotten Bar

2010                  Innsbruck, Tiroler Landes Museen

2009                  San Francisco, The Mission Cultural Centre, 5 x 5                                    Pluralism

2008                  Venezuela, Museo de Arte Acarigua-Araure, 5 x 5                                      Pluralism

2005                  New York, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, Red White and                            Blue

2001                  New York., Cohen and Leslie, Song Poems

1999                  New York, Greene Naftali Gallery, Free Coke

1998                  New York, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Oriental Nights

1998                  New York, PS1 Institute of Contemporary Art, MOMA,                                Studio Program

1998                  New York, David Zwirner Gallery, Video Library

1997                  New York, PS1 Institute of Contemporary Art, MOMA



Performances and Projects


2014            Tour Photographer for THE MAN WHO SOLD THE                                    WORLD, David Bowies' original band. UK Tour with Tony                            Visconti and Woody Woodmansy from The Spiders from                            Mars, David Bowie’s original band members and producer.

2013            Geneva, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Sympathy. Live dance,                        video, and film installation for city wide ‘Art Night’.

2010            Athens, MIR Festical, QBox Gallery,  Now + Here. Live                              dance, video.

2006            New York, Monkey Town, The Magician and the Exorcist. Live                    dance against a 4 channel live video mix.

2002            New York, Suite 106 Gallery, Rockumental.  Live dance                            performance.

2000            New York, Momenta Art, Heavy Energy Machine 2: Imperialist                    Games. Live dance and DJ (I Sound), video and film                                  installation with projected automatic writing. Based on                                economic game theory.

1999            New York, Judson Memorial Hall, Heavy Energy Machine. Live                    dance, music, slapstick acting, film and video installation                          looking back on disasters, wars and news of the 20th century.

1998            Nantes, Nantes Arts and Music Festival, Fin de Siècle. Film                      and video installation with live DJ over three days.                       

1994            New York, Hunter College Studios, All My Troubles                                    Seem. Music sculpture.



Awards and Residences


2016                  UK Sculpture Competition winner of Bronze production by                          V.P. Tassis Foundry in Athens, Greece.

2011                  Athens, Residency: Hydra Island, School of Fine Arts

2010                  Athens, Residency: Crete School of Fine Arts

2009                  Innsbruck, Residency: Tiroler Landes Museen

2008                  Mikonos, Residency: Art Factory

2007                  Corfu, Delphi and Athens, drawing project of Ancient                                  Greek Sculpture

1999                  New York, PS1 Institute of Contemporary Art,                                            Annenburg Grant

1998                  New York, PS1 Institute of Contemporary Art,                                            National Studio Program

1998                  New York, Residency: Long Island City High School

1993                  Art Direction, Jeremy by Pearl Jam. MTV Video Music                              Awards, Best Video.

1984-88            St Louis, Washington University, Fred Conway Arts                                  Scholarship

1982-84            Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, Early College Program                            Scholarships for Painting, Drawing and Printmaking School



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