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Barcelona Spain
Updated: 2017-01-19 02:19:15


Michael Swaney
b.1978, Kimberley, British Columbia
Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain

CCA Aandratx Residency, Mallorca ? June 2014
Noestudio, Madrid, Jan. ? Feb. 2013
Fountainhead Residency, Miami, Sept. ? Nov. 2008

Solo Exhibitions

2015 TBA, Rafael P?rez Hernando, Madrid
2015 TBA, Louis 21 ? The Envelope, Palma de Mallorca
2014 Subtropics, Krets, Malm?
2014 Hut 1 Paintings 4, Blokker, Madrid
2013 Sleeping Beauty Painter, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus
2013 You just got blogged, Me & The Curiosity, Barcelona
2013 :?), noestudio, Madrid
2012 Efecto Dubuffet, Mulherin + Pollard, New York
2012 Go West, Escala, Valencia, Spain
2011 Ding Dong , Alice Gallery, Brussels
2011 Ancient Scrolls, Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, Miami
2010 The Corner, Victor Saavedra, Barcelona
2009 Zulu Voodoo Buddha Guru, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona
2009 Safari Arc Performance, Locust Projects, Miami
2008 Butler?s Credit, Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto
2008 Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Red Deer, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver
2008 Kick the Bucket (w/ Humanfive collective), Galeria Victor Saavedra, Barcelona
2007 Artifacts from Finland, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona
2007 Gold in the Net, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver
2007 The Gang?s All Here (w/ Humanfive collective), Les Gallery, Vancouver
2006 Onoffonoffonoff (w/ Humanfive collective), Art Firm, Calgary
2004 Spirit in the sky takes rest?, (w/ Humanfive collective), The Crying Room, Vancouver
2004 X the owl and the land of make believe (w/ Humanfive collective), Voice 1156 Gallery, San Diego
2003 Humanfive (w/ Humanfive collective), Compound Gallery, Portland

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 Extra Wrong, organized by Jonathan Rajewski, College for Creative Studies, Detroit
2014 Summertimes, Galeria Yusto/Giner, Marbela
2014 Salat, 3 person show, CCA Andratx, Andratx
2014 Artificilia, Cyan Gallery, Barcelona
2014 Still Life, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus
2014 Just Before Brazil, Alice Gallery, Brussels
2014 Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Curated by M?nica ?lvarez Careaga, Galer?a Astart?, Madrid
2014 Lost in Space, curated by Aliceday, Alice Gallery, Brussels
2013 The Hanging, Ruttkowski 68 (w/ Huskmitnavn), Cologne
2013 Groupshow, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm
2013 TOP, Can Felipa, Barcelona
2013 Wintershow, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark
2012 Art Copenhagen w/ Alice Gallery and Charlotte Fogh Gallery
2012 Paperworld, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark
2012 Domesticated Souls, Alice Gallery, Brussels
2012 Blaque Lyte, ADA Gallery, Richmond, USA
2012 Esto no es graffiti, Cicus, Sevilla, Spain
2012 Fun, Riihim?ki Art Museum, Riihim?ki, Finland
2011 Pulse Miami w/ Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts
2011 BYOB Barcelona, Fundaci?
2011 Funky Pretty, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm
2011 Summertime 11, Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen
2011 Art Brussels w/ Alice gallery
2010 Group show, Galer?a Fernando Zubillaga, curated by Square Studio, Caracas, Venezuela
2010 Journey into Whatever, NBCCD Gallery, curated by Joey Haley, Fredericton, Canada
2010 pintura? cuatro respuestas, Adhoc Galeria, Vigo, Spain
2010 Relationships, Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen
2010 Guasch Coranty Painting Prize exhibition, Centre d?Art Tecla Sala, Barcelona
2010 Draw, Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City
2010 Group show, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco
2010 To the road less travelled?, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
2009 The Pop of Colors, POVevolving Gallery, Los Angeles
2009 Genesis, Chapter One Gallery, London
2009 Hello My Name Is, Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Los Angeles
2009 Singular, Galeria Victor Saavedra, Barcelona
2008 SCOPE Miami with Iguapop Gallery
2008 Landscape Portrait Pattern, Hallway Projects, San Francisco
2008 Just Painting, Ego Gallery, Barcelona
2008 Out of STH, group show at Awangarda BWA, Wroclaw, Poland
2008 White Noise Drawn Together, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
2008 How Clouds Dream (2 person show), Deluge Contemporary, Victoria, Canada
2008 Art Chicago & Art Cologne w/ Galeria Altxerri
2008 SCOPE New York w/ Iguapop Gallery
2008 White Noise, Space 1026, Philadelphia
2007 SCOPE Miami w/ Iguapop Gallery
2007 Slump (2 person show), Galeria Altxerri, San Sebastian, Spain
2007 SWAB Art Fair w/ Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona
2005 Humble Beginnings, Belkin Satelite, Vancouver
2002 Dollhouse, The Crying Room, Vancouver
2002 It?s a Small World, Gallerie le Deco, Tokyo & Sis Boom Bah, Toronto
2002 Suggestive Line, Belkin Satellite Gallery, Vancouver
2001 Live installation/performance with Humanfive, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver
2001 Residents, Bubble Gallery, Vancouver

2013 758 LIKES, Museums Press, Glascow
2013 YJGB (exhibition zine), me & the curiosity, Barcelona
2012 Bell Face, Nieves, Zurich
2012 Fun! Exhibition catalogue, Riihim?ki Art Museum, Riihim?ki, Finland
2012 Go West, exhibition zine by ESCALA, Valencia
2012 An After Noon With Picasso w/ Arvo Leo, Td Papeles, Barcelona
2011 Carletes zine w/ Antonio Ladrillo, Trineo Editions, Toledo, Spain
2011 Platonique Revue d?images # 7
2011 Fortune Bookie w/ Antonio Ladrillo, Editions du Livre
2011 1 Snake, Td Papeles, Barcelona
2010 The Corner (exhibition catalogue), Galeria Victor Saavedra, Barcelona
2010 Guasch Coranty International Paint Prize (exhibition catalogue), Barcelona
2009 Genesis (exhibition catalogue), Chapter One Gallery, London
2009 The Zulu Nationals, Picnic Editorial, Madrid
2009 The Performances, Stickit Books. Utrecht, The Netherlands
2008 Out of STH (exhibition catalogue), BWA Wroclaw Galeria Awanguarda, Wroclaw, Poland
2008 Kick the Bucket (exhibition catalogue), Galeria Victor Saavedra, Barcelona
2007 Artifacts from Finland (exhibition catalogue), Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona
2007 Artifacts from Finland, Le Dilly Publishing. London

El Pais ? Cultura, Angel Luis Sucasas, ?En la caverna de Windows?, March 2, 2014
Rtve - Siglo 21, Julia Varela, ?Internet es una choza?, Feb. 19, 2014
El Pais ? Cultura, Roberta Bosco, ?Gal?rias ?pop up??, May 27, 2013
El Mundo ? Tendencias, Leticia Blanco, ?Tu, yo y la curiosidad?, May 23, 2013
El Pais-Cultura, Josina Suarez, ?Mike Swaney y la pintura posinternet?, Feb. 25, 2013
Arts Libre, ?Les Malins plaisirs de Michael Swaney?, April 8, 2011
Focus, ?Ding Dong?, April 15, 2011
La Vanguardia, Juan Bufill, ?El metarrealismo de Mike Swaney?, Oct.30, 2010
The Gutenberg?s Quarterly, Issue 2-Vol.01, interview, Feb.-May, 2o10
El Pais, Xavi Sancho, ?Barcelona: Arte Contra la Apatia?, Oct.2, 2009
QueFem?, Marc Vargas, ?Collage I Misteri a Iguapoop Gallery?, Sept. 11, 2009
Georgia Straight, Robin Laurence Sept. 25, 2008
Beautiful Decay Magazine, Issue X, interview, 2008
Redux Mag #25, interview, Fall 2007
?Arte expontaneo, sin fisuras?, Gipuzkoa, Nov. 2007
Jose Javier Fernandez, ?Entre dos culturas?, Diario Vasco, Nov. 2007
Modart, Issue 13, cover image/interview, 2007

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