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The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online catalog of digital images documenting the work of artists who are not affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City. Each submission is reviewed by our curatorial staff; in order to be considered for the registry, one must submit work digitally via this website.

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New York NY US
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Born in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Lives and works in New York, NY



2006 MFA University of Wisconsin-Madison

2001 BFA University of North Florida



2016  Kari Cholnoky and Erin Lee Jones, Safe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY



2017  Born to Run, Lane Meyer Projects, Denver, CO

The Unearthly, PRATT, Brooklyn, NY

Take Me to the Double Picnic, Songs for Presidents, Ridgewood, NY

2016  SIX, Regina Rex, New York, NY

Super Sketchy, Alleyoop Projects, DCTV, New York, NY

So Much, So Little, All at Once, Regina Rex, New York, NY

2015  Pick One, curated by Regina Rex, Harbor, New York, NY

2014  Heart’s Gymnastics, Outpost, Ridgewood, NY

The Rock Show, Hawkeye, Brooklyn, NY

The Last Brucennial, New York, NY

2013  The Librarians, Queens College Art Center, Queens, NY

Dons of Civilization, curated by Leah Dixon, Beverly’s, New York, NY

Show #1, Striphanger, Brooklyn, NY

2012  French Oyster Club, Select Fair, Miami, FL

Greasy Pink, French Neon, New York, NY

The Color Grey, galleryHOMELAND, Portland, OR

The Color Grey, galleryHOMELAND, Houston, TX

Kindred Spirits, curated by Jordana Zeldin, Brooklyn, NY

Brucennial 2012: Harderer, Betterer, Fasterer, Strongerer, New York, NY

2011  Neon Rainbow, curated by Amber Vilas, French Neon, New York, NY

2010  PPPlaza, 2917 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL

Physical Center, curated by Amanda Schmitt, Convent of St. Cecilia, Brooklyn, NY

A Dry Opening, Outlaw Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Visionary/Visions are scary, French Neon, Brooklyn, NY

Brucennial 2010: Miseducation, New York, NY

Bring Your Own Art (BYOA), X-Initiative, New York, NY

2009  Satisfaction Town, Columbia College Conaway Center, Chicago, IL

In House: Brouhaha, Rituals-y Business, Queens College Art Center, Queens, NY

2007  Jameson, Morrisey, Pepper Jack&the One That Got Away,Max Fish, New York, NY



2016  Crackers #2, Rotisserie Pig Drum, Kinetic Whale and the 7 Snakes, Dan Bainbridge, Safe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Crackers #2, Rotisserie Pig Drum, Kinetic Whale and the 7 Snakes, Dan Bainbridge, ART3, Brooklyn, NY

2015  Beast Juice, Dan Bainbridge, ART3, Brooklyn, NY

2011  LOOK: A Retrospective of the Future, Baby Skin Glove, Culturefix, New York, NY

H[O]M[O]E, Baby Skin Glove, Brooklyn, NY

2010  The Dinner Famine, Baby Skin Glove, Culture Fix, New York, NY

Foot to mouth:ONE minus one, Sarah H Paulson, Alice Chilton Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2009  Rotten Metal Achievers, Faurot & Paulson, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY



2009-2012            Co-curator and Co-director for collaborative group French Neon



Maake Magazine, curated by Yevgeniya Baras, Issue 5

Calandra, Maria. “Erin Jones.”  Pencil in the Studio, February 28, 2016


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