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The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online catalog of digital images documenting the work of artists who are not affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City. Each submission is reviewed by our curatorial staff; in order to be considered for the registry, one must submit work digitally via this website.

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Robert Joseph Sandler
New York NY US
Updated: 2017-03-21 14:35:56


Robert Joseph Sandler was born Baltimore, MD, 1991. He graduated in 2013 from Brown University with a degree in Science & Technology. He currently runs Painting Subscription, a biweekly digital painting subscription service, the archive of which is available here.


(2013) Bachelor of Arts, Science & Society, Brown University, Providence, RI

(2013) Selected Coursework, Painting, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI


(2016) What is the future of art?, Tate Modern (Tate Collectives), London, UK

(2016) ART – EF(FACTS), Flutgraben e.V., Berlin, Germany

(2015), Berlin, Germany

(2015) Lumination, Patricia Low Contemporary, Gstaad, Switzerland

(2015) Brown Alumni Show, Granoff Center, Providence, RI

(2015) Tea, The Hellmouth, Providence, RI

(2014) Or, So, Brown-Risd Hillel Gallery, Providence, RI*

(2013) And, But, List Arts Center, Providence, RI*

*solo exhibition 


(2016–Present) Painting Subscription (begun February 1, 2016)

(2014) Caring, Responsibility & Self-Esteem (III), Going for It, 186 Carpenter, Providence, RI

(2014) Caring, Responsibility & Self-Esteem (II), Triangles, Providence, RI


(2016) This Friday or Next Friday Residency Finalist

(2013) Creative Arts Council Grant, Brown University

(2013) Honorable Mention, Brown University 32nd Annual Juried Student Show

(2012) Royce Fellowship, Brown University


(2016) SCREEN Editorial. “The Art of Living IX: Robert Sandler,” SCREEN, September 2016.


Brown University, Providence, RI

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