Artist Registry

The White Columns Curated Artist Registry is an online platform for emerging and under-recognized artists to share images and information about their respective practices. The Registry seeks to create a context for artists who have yet to benefit from wider critical, curatorial or commercial support. To be eligible, artists cannot be affiliated with a commercial gallery in New York City.

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Eric Diehl
Beacon, NY US

Kara Maria
San Francisco, CA US

Georgia Hourdas
Brooklyn, NY US

Kevin Ford
Norwalk, CT US

Michael Sims
Brooklyn, NY US

Robin Cameron
New York, NY US

Alexandra Wiesenfeld
los Angeles, CA US

Gary Peabody
New York, NY US

William Crump
New York, NY US

Hannah Leighton-Boyce
Manchester, GB

David Osbaldeston
Manchester, GB

Molly Dilworth
Ridgewood, NY US

Matt Sears
Brooklyn, NY US

Maizie Gilbert
San Francisco, CA US

Alicia Gibson
Queens, NY US

Derek Weisberg
Brooklyn, NY US

Garrett Gould
East Boston, MA US

R. Williamson

Jane McKenzie

Liam Allan
Brooklyn, NY US

Paul Fortunato
Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, KP

Simone DiLaura
New York, NY US

Tatiana Kronberg
Brooklyn, NY US

Judith Dean
London, GB

Simone Meltesen
Woodside, NY US

Robert Epstein
Maplewood, NJ US

Pamela Chapman
Johannesburg, South Africa

Aileen Bassis

Sabine Heinlein
Queens, NY US

Jen Harris
Los Angeles, CA US

Grant Foster
London,, UK

Larry Mantello
New York, NY US

Eve Ackroyd
Brooklyn, NY US

Ben Seeley
Berlin, DE

Laura Chasman
Roslindale, MA US

Stephen Proski
Kansas City, MO US

KC Maddux
Brooklyn, NY US

Joani Tremblay
Montreal / New York, CA

Dustin London
Ann Arbor, MI US

David Wilson
Brooklyn, NY US

Jesse Stecklow
Los Angeles, CA US

Jadranka Kosorcic
Munich, DE

Jill Kerwick
Red Bank, NJ US

Diana Jensen
Brooklyn, NY US

Ben Sanderson
Cornwall, GB

Annette Hur
Brooklyn, NY US

Yue Nakayama
Houston, TX US