Drawing is my tool to understand the world. Paper is the surface I use for my visual exploration. I consider paper an open field for experimentation, waiting to receive ink, be folded, pierced, reused and lead to new unexpected manipulations. I draw with ink but also with objects, on a printing press, with a camera and a projector.

I transform everyday life observations into visual representations that go beyond the surface. Folded sheets of ruled paper become three dimensional spaces; printed folded plastic films appear to be objects sitting on the paper; punched holes are used to draw symmetrical images; paper bags are painted to represent houses; a pile of salt or snow in a backyard act as white paper to support large scale drawings.

My process is about exploring how ink and paper interact together: where and how the ink sit on the surface of the paper but also how can the surface of the paper enhance the graphic quality of the drawing: folds, holes, textures, or even the absence of the paper (snow, salt) become inseparable from the drawing. 

My artistic goal is to challenge the use of paper as a flat medium. I am exploring three dimensional drawing and looking for ways to bring the drawing out of the surface of the paper. By doing this, I transform the perception of a flat image into a sculptural experience.